Keep Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

ThoppoThe Fourth of July is cause for celebration, but remember to keep your pets safe and sound during the festivities.

If you’re planning to attend a fireworks display, please leave your pets at home, preferably with another family member or someone they know. The loud noises from the fireworks can cause pets tremendous anxiety, stress, and even lead to heart attacks.

Pets should never be left outside unattended during the evening fireworks festivities. The loud noise can scare even the most confident animals, causing them to jump walls, dig under gates, or otherwise escape the safety of your home.

If you are unable to stay home with your pets during the fireworks demonstrations, make sure that they are all secure inside the house, and leave a TV or music on for them as a pleasant, comforting diversion.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and have a safe and happy Fourth of July!