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Keep Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is cause for celebration, but remember to keep your pets safe and sound during the festivities. If you’re planning to attend a fireworks display, please leave your pets at home, preferably with another family member or someone they know. The loud noises from the fireworks can […]

Holiday presents a few holiday pet safety tips

Holiday Pet Safety

11 foods and beverages that should always be kept away from pets Turkey Bones: Turkey (and chicken) bones and splintered fragments can get stuck in the roof of the mouth, throat, and intestines. Tomatoes: all kinds are toxic to cats, including parts of the tomato plant. Ingesting even a single […]

Pets Safe From Heat

Keep Pets Safe from the Heat

Keep Your Pets Safe from the Heat! Everybody loves summertime! School’s out, vacations are in full swing, and backyard cookouts are everywhere. But along with the fun comes keeping a cool head, figuratively and literally. When we forget to take a moment to prepare for those fun times – hiking, […]