Grab some popcorn, kick back in your favorite chair, and check out these video clips featuring our adorable, adoptable cats and dogs!

Remington and Ruby are the best of friends and always enjoy horsing around in the yards together.

Trigger is a legend – smart as a whip and just as silly, this handsome boy loves to play ball in the yards.

Titan enjoys hanging out quietly on the couch in front of the TV, but he also loves a good romp around the yard and playing fetch with his rope toys.

Scarlet loves people and playtime. Here’s Scarlet running laps in the yard and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s too fast, and too smart, for us.

Ruby is a sweet cuddlebug who adores people. She’s smart and kind, and likes people and other dogs of all ages. Here’s Ruby leading a rousing game of keep away.

Adorable little Daisy is an intellectual girl with a very silly side. Here’s a quick clip of her playing ball in the yard.

Beautiful Ivy is a super smart, spunky, silly, sweetheart. She loves a good romp around the yard and splits her time equally between practicing her soccer moves and being a total ham for an audience.

Sage arrived at ABC shortly after giving birth to her puppies Kodiak and Kachina (both adopted!). Sage loves everybody she meets, and is equally happy snuggling quietly or frenetically romping around the yard with her toys. She’ll have us all in better shape in no time.

Adorable Tabitha tends to be on the quiet side and is still a bit shy around people, but once she spots a toy she happily shows off her super spunky side. Come on out and visit this sweet girl today!

Luna is the kindest little yellow dog on the planet. She loves people, and loves to play in the yards. Beautiful Luna is wonderful on a leash and is a great passenger in the car. Come on out to ABC and meet Luna today!

Doyle and Katie are two of the sweetest dogs in the world, and the best of friends. Here we see them out in the yards on their coffee break, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Toward the end of the clip, people enter the building and they’re off to greet the visitors: it’s showtime!
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