Happy Tails Brunch at OHSO Paradise Valley

November Happy Tails Brunch at O.H.S.O.!

Happy Tails Brunch Benefiting Animals Benefit Club Sunday, November 6 9:00am-1:00pm OHSO Brewery- Paradise Valley 10810 N Tatum Blvd #126 Phoenix, AZ 85028 602.900.9003 Help celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! Come join the fun and show your appreciation at a benefit brunch hosted by O.H.S.O. Brewery Paradise Valley. + […]

ABC Grant Check Presentation

Grant from the McMillen Foundation

Animals Benefit Club was the recipient of an extremely generous grant from the McMillen Foundation. This grant will be used solely for the rescue and rehabilitation of so many animals in need. The McMillen family adopted precious Barney from ABC in May of 2000 and beautiful Fiona about two years […]

Thank you, Janice and Dan!

Thank you, Janice, Dan, and Gretchen!

ABC volunteers Janice, Dan, and Gretchen held a fundraiser for ABC. Thanks to their hard work and the many generous donors, they raised funds for all the animals along with food and many much-needed supplies. Thank you, Janice, Dan, and Gretchen!

Brady Rescued

Brady Rescued

Just a few months ago, Brady was on the brink of death. Animals Benefit Club shared a startling image of the 2-year-old canine when he was first rescued. “He was just bones, there was no flesh, there was really nothing to him. He was just skin and bones,” said Andra […]

Eddie Rescued!

Eddie Rescued After Near-fatal Car Accident

A small dog hit by a car and left to die gets a new chance at life. Little Eddie is just eight pounds and was found in critical condition. He underwent a five-hour life-saving surgery from Dr. Linney of Phoenix Veterinary Referral and Emergency and is currently in the hospital […]

Holiday presents a few holiday pet safety tips

Holiday Pet Safety

11 foods and beverages that should always be kept away from pets Turkey Bones: Turkey (and chicken) bones and splintered fragments can get stuck in the roof of the mouth, throat, and intestines. Tomatoes: all kinds are toxic to cats, including parts of the tomato plant. Ingesting even a single […]

Pets Safe From Heat

Keep Pets Safe from the Heat

Keep Your Pets Safe from the Heat! Everybody loves summertime! School’s out, vacations are in full swing, and backyard cookouts are everywhere. But along with the fun comes keeping a cool head, figuratively and literally. When we forget to take a moment to prepare for those fun times – hiking, […]

Earnb rewards for ABC every time you shop at Fry's

Re-enroll to Earn Rewards for ABC at Fry’s

ABC would like to thank everyone who participated in the Fry’s Rewards program. This program lets you support ABC just by shopping at Fry’s! In order to continue participating and ensuring that your Fry’s Rewards continue to go to ABC, Fry’s asks that you re-enroll for the 2015-2016 Rewards year. […]

Lucas - before

Lucas Rescued

Lucas was horribly neglected by his former owners and when he became ill, rather than provide the medical treatment he desperately needed, they abandoned him and he wound up on the e-list. The first photo shows Lucas in agonizing pain, utterly dejected, on the day he was scheduled to be […]

Hermione Rescued Again

Hermione Rescued Again

No-kill shelter saves dog from euthanasia One family’s search for their missing dog becomes an emotional journey. Video courtesy of, click here to view the story on their website.